Residential Photography

I love photographing amazing residential properties and making them shine. If you’ve just built a home, in the process of constructing a house or wanting to sell a property I’d love to shoot your home for you. I’m passionate about residential photography and will work with you to get images you feel represents the house best.

I have the know how, experience and the photography gear to capture it at it’s best. I pride myself of delivering high quality images to all of my clients.

I specialise in a variety of residential photography including:

  • Architect designed residential photography
  • High end property photography and video
  • Aerial and Drone Residential Photography
  • Construction site photography
  • Unique residential properties
  • Sydney Real Estate Photography
  • Property Developments
  • Apartment Buildings Photography
  • AirBnb Photography

I studied a Visual Arts degree at University majoring in photography, painting and drawing which is where the seed grew for my love of photography. I have a passion for architecture as well and find myself always reading books/essays and watching the latest documentaries to do with Australian architecture.

Whether it be up in the air with my drone creating stellar aerial shots, or down on the ground with my full-frame photographic and lighting setup I endeavour to produce images that wow you and your intended audiences. I can capture aerial shots of development properties of large or small buildings and love to do this during the golden hours or when the light is at its most magical.

I have extensive training and knowledge on how to get the best out of a scene with natural light, as well as using artificial light to highlight the already available light. Good architecture often already utilises multiple light sources and I make sure that the architects intentions are respected when it comes to the use of light in my photographs. Whilst I have the techniques and equipment to light paint any scene I often find subtlety works best when it comes to making your residential property/development look its most stunning and compelling.


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