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I’m a Sydney professional photographer, born and raised in beautiful Bowral in the Southern Highlands. I am very passionate about photographing the built environment, architectural design, commercial, educational and industrial spaces. I studied both visual art and science at University and these very polar ends of education planted the seed for my love of photographing architecture. Whilst I know that image making is a creative process I find myself also reaching for the deeper nature in a design, an understanding of intention. This background fuels my curiosity and excitement for great design. I am always excited to meet new clients and jump into their designs to showcase to the public.

My professional photography qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts/Science at the University of Wollongong
  • Masters in Art Conservation at the University of Melbourne
  • Architectural Interiors photography course with the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP)

Luke Zeme Photography Portrait

I provide these genre of photography to my clients in and around Greater Sydney:

  • Architecture
  • Residential architecture
  • Commercial architecture
  • Sydney Prestige Real Estate Photography
  • Interior Design
  • Aerial stills and video
  • Property development
  • Landscape architecture
  • Office and retail spaces
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Retail and hospitality
  • Shops, warehouses and showrooms
  • Construction sites

I have an eye for detail, in fact Koichi Takada himself told me he loves my eye, which was very flattering. With architectural photography you need to tell a story, not just about the structural elements of the building but also how people intend to use the space to enrich their lives. Architects in Sydney are pushing many boundaries and I feel privileged to have documented their designs and look forward to photographing future projects.

My experience in the visual arts sector has obviously had a strong impact on how I approach my photography. I was exposed to art and artists on a daily basis at Uni and learnt the process of creation. My style can definitely be attributed to the hundreds of hours mixing paints on a palette along with the countless hours in the photography dark rooms under the watchful eye of renowned Australian photographer Jacky Redgate. My youth spent in the dark room (as I am now 43 years old) informs the intuitive nature of my image making to this day.

Architects and designers spent countless hours on their projects considering everything from the weather to how light will travel in a space throughout the day. Spending time getting to know these intentions helps to shape truly great images.

Favourite clients and publications: 

  • Koichi Takada Architects
  • TTW- Taylor Thomson Whitting Structural Engineers
  • Krause Bricks
  • Sydney Prestige Property Agents: Claudia Portale, Michael Coombs, Jacqui Rowland-Smith, Piers van Hamburg, Tracey Dixon & Simon Harrison.
  • Lower North Shore R.E. agencies I provide prestige photography for : Atlas, McGrath, Di Jones, Ray White, Belle & Pello.
  • MakMax Australia
  • Lifestyle Louvres
  • Domus Homes
  • JKM Architects
  • Dana Orth Design Consultants
  • Edifice Build
  • Komplete Construction
  • TopSmith Copper and Zinc Cladding
  • Australian Geographic
  • Australian LGBTI Awards
  • Destination NSW
  • Destination New Zealand
  • Transport NSW
  • Nestlé
  • Vivid Sydney
  • Winya Indigenous Furniture
  • Cachet Group
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • GML Heritage

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