Sydney Real Estate Floorplans

Along with getting a set of amazing photographs done by us we also think it’s important to have a professionally done floorplan. Market research shows them to be the one of the most effective marketing tools to make your property stand out.

Pre-inspection, a professionally drawn floorplan will help potential buyers understand the flow of a property and help them visualise the space to see if it suits them, as well as making any potential additions/alterations further down the track.

Post-inspection, floorplans are a great reminder of the spaces and will help owners to lay out and plan their furniture.

Floor plans also are important for people out of town to look at the layout of a property from different cities and could even end up purchasing the property because of a great floorplan. 

Floorplan Style Choices

There are a variety of floorplan styles and the one you go with will depend on your budget and the amount of information you want it to convey. 

We will do precise measurements of the property and create the floorplans from the sketch or we can do a “redraw” of plans you provide. 

  • Standard B&W – The most common floorplan on the market
  • Standard Colour – This uses the above floorplan but adds colours to the rooms to differentiat them in the plan.
  • Realistic Colour – Uses realistic textures like wooden floorboards, grass, tiles and carpets. 
  • Add Furniture – Furniture is added to the above plans
  • Add Site plan – This is when we place the property on the site and show features such as gardens, pools, driveways, etc.
  • 3D Realistic Colour – An amazing way to showcase the property and allow potential buyers to viusalise the spaces better. 

Floorplan Price List

Floorplan Examples

2D Standard Black & White

This is the most common floorplan where you will have seen this on many property listings you have viewed in the past. It gives information such as layout and dimensions in a succinct way.

2D Standard Colour

Colour plans have that little bit of extra style to them and jump out of the page at you. These can be a good way to get attention.

2D Colour + Site Plan

Having the property placed on the surrounding land, buildings, gardens and major trees. It allows buyers to plan for the future and figure out what they’d like to do further down the track. 

2D Realistic Colour + Furniture

This is when you really want the floorplans to wow potential buyers and have them get a lot more information about the home then a standard plan can give. They compliment a great set of photographs really well. 

3D Realistic Colour + Furniture

The newest style of floorplan is a 3-Dimensional plan that involves realistic surfaces such as tiles and carpets as well as being fully furnished. They will really make a mark as they allow people to imagine their own furniture inside the homes.