Architecture Photography

I have a passion for photographing the built environment, all types of buildings from modest homes to city skyscrapers. I love the creative and technical challenges of telling your companies story and their involvement in the architectural project.

I can document the construction process or the completed project for use as marketing, social media, renders or applications.

I provide various forms of photography for my clients including:

  • Architecture Residential Photography
  • Commercial Architectural Photography
  • Interior Photography
  • Landscape Architecture Photography
  • Restaurant, Cafes, Retail and Shop Photography
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Warehouse & Showrooms

2020 has many challenges for architects in Australia and one of the most important is sustainable architecture. The Australia climate can be harsh and unforgiving but we have a beautiful country and good design is willing to embrace it. I have many fond memories of watching Grand Designs over the years and find the homes Australians have built for themselves truly inspiring.

When you are surrounded by good architecture it has a way of lifting your spirit. Studying both Science and Visual Arts at University I find myself fascinated by the concepts and movements in Australian modern design. A building is more than a shelter from the wind and rain, it’s a space that becomes a part of you and you a part of it. It’s this interaction of people with space that I have noticed gets my clients excited as you never know how the future occupants are going to interact with your architecture.

Photographing architecture involves appreciating how a building relates to its surrounding environment. These elements include neighbouring structures, the natural environment, how people interact with the space and most importantly to me the photographer is how light interacts with the building at various times of the day.

Each company that contributes towards a building has a different story they want told. The architects, developers, contractors, material suppliers, interior designers are all wanting to have their efforts highlighted. Each of these stories are important to tell and begin with us better understanding your brief and the story you are trying to tell.


I love that my job is to create images that best represent your companies hard work and creativity for your audiences.

Architecture is a passion of mine so let me share your creation with the world!

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