Drone Photography

As a Sydney aerial drone photographer I am fully registered with CASA, The Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and I fly the latest drone equipment to capture stunning high resolution aerial photographs. These are used by my clients for a variety of uses like advertising and marketing, social media, sales, print media, company websites and brochures. Drone photographs are essential for any business these days and I find myself on construction sites, property development, residential sales and architecture. I love being able to shoot angles that highlight details in your project or pull back and get the entire suburb during some gorgeous afternoon light.

There are many reasons for wanting aerial images including:

  • Aerial Architectural Photography
  • Aerial Architecture Video Footage
  • Front on images of the architecture. These can have more impact than ground based photographs
  • Various alternate angles of the building from the air to highlight architecture
  • Drone images at specific heights to show possible views of future developments. I can shoot to the exact 0.1m from ground level. For example, a client might ask for a view directly west at 6.5m high.
  • Aerial Video of surrounds

See examples of my Drone Photography here

Aerial photographs are new and exciting and I know that your clients will be fascinated by the details in each and every photograph. I always find myself wanting to explore all their facets upon each new viewing.

I can do a variety of aerial video maneuver’s that can really have a great impact on your audience. These can be aerial flight plans, rotational videos centred on the subject, and many other automatic flight plans that can be input into the drone. I also have full control to do my own manual flights controlling the movement of the camera and drone in space at the same time.  This allows me to add my own creative eye to the footage. Combine this drone footage with stabilised video from my main camera, walkthrough and pan video and tripod still framed video to create a feature film of your design or architecture.

I studied a visual arts and a science degree at uni, with extensive photographic studies post-university so when it comes to creating aerial photographs I draw on all my experience to produce vibrant and creative photographs. I like to visit a location when the light is at its peak beauty and capture these moments. Whilst a photographer can get lucky, a lot of planning goes into a great aerial photography as well. I love having my camera, eye in the sky, to offer unique vantage points that are both fascinating to view and conversation starters in their own right. My images are a combination of knowing where and when to put the lens and how to highlight these elements back in the studio when I am post-processing.


Contact me now to discuss any aerial images you wish to have done so that I can get a better understanding of your goals and we can create a brief to make everyone happy.

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