Drone Photography

As a Sydney drone photographer I am fully registered with CASA, The Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and I fly the latest drone equipment to capture stunning high resolution aerial photographs. These are used by my clients for a variety of uses like advertising and marketing, social media, sales, print media, company websites and brochures.

I studied a visual arts and science degree, with extensive photographic studies post-university so when it comes to creating aerial photographs I draw on all my experience to produce vibrant and creative photographs. Just like with my ground photography, I like to visit a location and spend time to explore it and the light so that I can be there when it peaks and capture these moments. Whilst a photographer can get lucky, a lot of planning goes into a great aerial photograph. I love having my camera, eye in the sky, to offer unique vantage points that are both fascinating to view and conversation starters in their own right. My images are a combination of knowing where and when to put the lens and how to highlight these elements back in the studio when I am post-processing.

Aerial photographs are new and exciting and I know that your clients will be fascinated by the details in each and every photograph. Take these examples below, I find myself wanting to explore all their facets upon each new viewing.



Contact me now to discuss any aerial images you wish to have done so that I can get a better understanding of your goals and we can create a brief to make everyone happy.

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