Architectural Photography

I have one of those minds where Art, Science and Maths all meet… and here lies the seed of where my passion for architecture blossoms. I love the feel of materials, to run my hands down a smooth slab of concrete or appreciate the subtle textures of natural woods. I enjoy the lines and space created by good architecture and the inspiration that went into great design. Studying both Science and Visual Arts at University I find myself fascinated by concepts and movements in modern and historical Australian design.




Photographing architecture often involves multiple visits to the location to appreciate how the building relates to its surrounding environment. These elements include neighbouring structures, the natural environment, how people interact with the space and most importantly how light describes the building at various times of the day.

Each of the contributors to the architecture have a different story to tell. Whether it be the architect who might want the core design to shine through. The developers, who are interested in getting across the building as a landmark and how it fits into the local area. Contractors and material suppliers might want the process and context of their materials highlighted. Editors and publishers are after the artistry of the design. Each of these stories are important to tell and begin with me better understanding your brief and the story you are trying to tell.

I love that my job is to create images that best represent your hard work and creativity for your audiences.

Architecture is a passion of mine so let me share your creation with the world!

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